Saturday, January 5, 2008

short story

Love and hate

After fighting with life for so long, she’s tired now and wanted some rest, but where, where can she go! Where ever she goes her past will follow. She wanted to start life afresh.
So, without telling anything to anyone, she started her car and set off. After driving for about half an hour she was out of the city. She reached the place where they used to spend their hours with each other. She stopped her car in front of the dhaba near the hill, then bought something to eat and started walking towards the hill. While passing the cornfields inbetween, she remembered how they used to love each other. But today she’s alone. It was November and though the weather was cool, the sun was too harsh for her liking. She reached the top and sat under a tree. She closed her eyes and let the past pass by her mind.
How could he utter such brutal words …how? She loved him so much but how many times could she forgive him? Tensions are a part of life, so why worry so much that it affects your life. It may not be easy to deal with tensions, but this is not correct way, he has to understand it. She had to take a decision. But what’ll she tell him, “I want to leave u ... I want to live without u!”. The fact is that she can’t live without him.
She took a long breath and decided to leave him. She started to walk down the hill slope.
As she reached home, she left the car in front of the gate not bothering to park it inside the garage. He was waiting for him. She saw worry on his face, but she won’t talk to him. She would show him how angry she was, she would punish him, she would leave him. She looked at him angrily and went inside the bedroom.
As she was packing her bag she heard him parking her car. As she finished packing her bag he entered the room. He had prepared hot piping tea for her and brought it on a tray. She refused. She was confused. How can she leave him? He loved her so much.
She was crying. Tears started rolling down her cheek. No, she doesn’t want to say those words to him .
He came towards her and held her tightly in his hands. Suddenly, everything started to melt; all anger, complaints, worries and hatred she had. The world seemed to be beautiful again.
It had happened before, it happened again. Love has won.


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